Healthcare, Ethics & Law

    Please choose 2 of the following 3 Essay Questions. To assist you in formulating your answers, students may refer to the assigned texts as well as written materials provided and their own class notes and power point presentations. This so-called Open Book examination approach is in keeping with the breadth of the inter-relationships of the ethical and legal underpinnings of the practice and administration of contemporary healthcare.

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    The New Jersey Health Commissioner is keenly aware of the excellent reputation of the Masters of Health Administration Program at the Bloustein School of Rutgers University and its outstanding students. In light of this, she seeks your advice concerning an upcoming regulatory inspection concerning the Departments compliance with state, federal and professional licensure requirements of its Institutional Ethics Committees.

    Please prepare an in-depth memorandum addressing the genesis, purpose, function, structure and goals of the Committee as well as the current role of its consultation process and its contribution to the institutions overall mission.


    The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, mindful of the students reputation in the MHA Program at the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, is seeking monographs concerning the rapidly growing use of traditional, genetic and gestational surrogacy reflecting your knowledge and insight into the emerging efforts to legalize and monetize a medical protocol now accepted, in some form or other, by 15 of the United States. Moreover, the Journal wishes to do a definitive update on the practice and the historical contribution of the landmark Baby M case.

    The Journal solicits from you an analysis of the renowned legal opinion and an elaboration of the medical, ethical and legal concerns that endeavor to shape a national consensus. Please prepare an overview of past, present and anticipated surrogacy practices that will inform and authenticate your conclusions.


    The New Jersey Medical Society (the nations oldest Society of physicians, founded in 1766) mindful that Bloustein students are in the forefront of medical-ethical scholarship, has submitted an important question concerning a Louisiana abortion law which requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. This is of concern to the Societys members as the requirement may place some doctors at legal and licensure risk for potential failure to be able to comply. Please analyze the ethical and legal arguments against the backdrop of the Roe v Wade, Planned Parenthood v Casey and Right to Choose v Byrne decisions. The question is designed to elicit a fair and balanced catalogue of societys differing viewpoints concerning womens reproductive rights and gender equality.

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