Healthcare, Ethics & Law

    Please choose to answer 2 of the following 3 Essay Questions. To assist you in formulating your answers, students may refer to the assigned texts as well as written materials provided and their own class notes and power point presentations. This so-called Take-Home examination approach is in keeping with the nature and inter-relationships of the ethical and legal underpinnings of the administration and practice of contemporary healthcare.

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    During the course of our Course it became apparent that one of Hollywoods preeminent film studios has begun a theatrical production of the case of the State of New Jersey v Charles Cullen, the most prolific serial killer in the history of New Jersey-perhaps the nation. As a nurse, Cullen committed his multiple murders in several hospitals throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Moreover, the Studio, wishing to ensure the integrity and accuracy the screenplay, now turns to the exceptional Bloustein scholars for a serious scrutiny of the duties and responsibilities of the healthcare communities which became the scene of the heinous killings of its patients by a single nurse employee. Please provide your especial insights to the production company which underscore the profound violations of codes of Medical Ethics as well as those of criminal justice presented by this notorious case.


    The American Psychiatric community, mindful of your critical acumen concerning the care and treatment of anorexic patients, wishes to invite members of the class to its Spring conference in Chicago. (Airfare, accommodations and a generous honorarium are included). The topic they wish you to address is the landmark Ashley Good case. Please prepare an outline of your presentation which addresses the sensitive and unique problems of diagnosis, prognosis, care and treatment of such patients as well as the singular challenges inherent in recognizing and honoring the treatment choices of patients diagnosed with this perplexing disorder.


    COVID-19s devastating impacts has impelled New Jerseys Department of Health to develop a statewide, data driven response to the outbreak of this novel coronavirus. Most importantly, it seeks to develop a vaccination plan in the context of considerable unknowns regarding vaccine safety, efficacy, public demand and federal distribution logistics. Knowing of the reputation of Blousteins students, the DOH seeks your insights into achieving the strategic aims of equitable access, community protection and the building of sustainable trust in newly created and properly approved vaccines. Please outline what you believe to be the most important goals of a vaccine protocol and the best methods to achieve them within the diverse population that calls New Jersey home.

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