Health Propsal Asthma

    Design a public health initiative implementation and evaluation plan.

    You are a member of your community’s Public Health Policy Board which reviews public health issues in the area. Your objective is to gather community public health data regarding asthma and create a proposal for a health initiative implementation and evaluation plan to be reviewed by the board.

    Research the public health issue asthma in your community (city, county, state, or region) and formulate a written plan to submit to the Public Health Committee Board to be reviewed. Be sure to include the following:
    A detailed description of the illness
    The impact of the illness on the community
    Who is affected by the illness
    A detailed plan for implementation of the new initiative
    A detailed plan for evaluation of the new initiative

    You may use a Word document or a similar application of your choice. If needed, please use the resources below to guide you with how to use popular software such as Microsoft Word and guidelines on how to construct a proposal. For additional information on asthma, please refer to the article located in the resource section.

    For more information regarding asthma, please read Supporting Self-management of Asthma Through Patient Education.
    For assistance with writing a proposal, please visit the Rasmussen College Business Proposal Writing Guide.

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