Health Promotion Project

    Health Promotion Program Development
    Please check the course calendar for the due date for this Program Development Assignment.  I recommend getting an early start on the project and submitting it a few days before the deadline to avoid any last minute emergencies.

    Read this assignment thoroughly, follow the outline as detailed below. Cut and paste each part and make sure you complete each part specifically and comprehensively.  As always do not hesitate to ask any questions about the assignment as you develop your program.
    Background on the assignment:
    This assignment serves as an opportunity for you to effectively apply course content through the application of critical thinking skills, integration of relevant data resources, utilization of models/theories, and technical writing skills.  It is an opportunity to put together all that has been covered and what you have learned thus far this semester in HLTH 3361.
    Begin putting some serious thought into what type of program you would like to develop.  I have provided three links to websites (APHA, CDC, and WHO I hope you recognize each of those acronyms by now if not, learn them and freeze them into your memory).  You are not limited to the topics that you find there, but many of you will find your ideas through one of those sites.  You are free to choose any topic that you have a specific interest in EXCEPT childhood obesity.  Although it would ordinarily make a great topic, I am using it for the project examples that I post and I want you to do all of your own groundwork for the project, so please choose anything other than childhood obesity. 
    For this project I want you to develop a health promotion program for a very specific target population.  Keep the scope manageable/realistic.  Perhaps your target will be an area school district or a specific campus.  It could be a specific neighborhood, a college or university or a specific segment of the campus.  You may choose a project that serves specific clients or patients of a clinic, hospital, or agency in a particular area (all pregnant women who present at a neighborhood clinic, all adults who present at the emergency room of a hospital, or HIV patients in a sector of Kigali, Rwanda if you desire an international flair).  Focus on a specific population.  (Remember, it is one thing to try to solve world hunger and another to feed the poor in a certain county.)  Include resources from your textbook, the CDC, WHO, APHA, NIH, Texas Department of Health and Human Services, and other relevant sites you may want to use. Remember to cite your sources in the text and include in the reference section of your write-up. You must target a specific priority population!  Do not try to address a public health issue across the state or nation pick a specific area and a specific age group. This makes it more realistic.  Most importantly, select a topic that you have an interest in, want to learn more about, and that will benefit you in your preparation for you future career.  Good luck! Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Cut and paste each part of the outline below and make sure you complete each part specifically and comprehensively. 

    Guidelines for the Health Promotion Program:
    Approach this study as if you were a health/wellness consultant, and you have been hired to develop a prevention or intervention program for a vulnerable population in a specific geographic area. As the consultant hired, you must develop a health promotion project that details the project to be given to an agency, manager, policy maker or other officials for review and ultimately implementation. The required font for this assignment is Times New Roman in 12 pitch. The paragraphs must be double spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides. There are no specific requirements for the length of your write-up. However, an effective write-up for a health promotion program may be a range of about 8-12 pages. Structure the content of the paper in a professional and thorough manner.  Ensure that it is properly formatted so that it is easy to read and understand. While writing the paper, check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It goes without saying, plagiarism, in any form, will not be tolerated and will result in the failure of this course requirement. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style for writing your assignment. This ensures that the paper is presented in an organized format and flows well.
    In-Text Citation Using APA Style Format
    With APA format, when you quote, paraphrase or summarize someone elses work, you must list the authors name and the year of publication. If it is a direct quotation or summary, you must include the page number. See examples below and links to information on how to write using APA style.
    Example 1: Some researchers found that writing can be challenging if students are not willing to think outside of their comfort zone (Charles et al., 2019).
    Example 2: According to Brown (2019), students have difficulty communicating through writing, especially on topics they are unfamiliar with (p. 68).
    APA Style Format:
    Specific Topics:
    APA Sample Paper:
    In-Text Citations:
    Reference List:

    Health Promotion Program Sections
    You must have the following sections in your program to get credit.  The headings need to be bolded and the pages numbered. The following components need to be identified and thoroughly addressed in the assignment (note that the components generally follow the flow of your textbook and relates to the chapters/modules you completed):
    1. Title for your program make it catchy.  Be creative yet appropriate.
    2. Background thoroughly describe the scope of the problem detail prevalence rates in the area you have chosen.  Include recent trends and future projections if possible (Healthy People 2020 can provide a great resource here). Also, describe how this health problem impacts individuals and communities. 
    3. Identification of the target population.  Again you must be specific!.
    4. Rationale for the program- build from the background what specific needs are being addressed.  The rationale is the most important part of your promotion project write up.  The rationale section is one section reviewers really focus on to decide whether decision makers will support or not support your program. 
    5. Models/Theories. Choose at least two behavioral change models/theories that can be used motivate your target population to participate in your program. Describe how the behavioral models/theories apply to your program.
    6. Measures. Detail all the measures you will use for your program. Use any and all available resources to determine how the problem and behaviors have been measured in the past, and expand on the use of these measures for your project.  What will be the final outcome measure? Detail all your measures here.  The measures you use will help you conduct a complete evaluation and determine if your program meets its goals and objectives.
    7. Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives.  Develop your mission statement, goals and objectives.  Remember your SMART objectives and how they support your goals which support your mission statement. Detail your mission statement, your goals and then your SMART objectives to support your goals.
    8. Resources. Identify the resources you will need whether they are internal or external resources. Include financial needs, equipment, space, etc. Be specific on what these are and how you will get them.  Also, identify at least five partners that you would enlist for your program.  Common community health partners tend to come from businesses (usually local), transportation, recreation, public safety, educational institutions, and even political entities.
    9. Marketing Strategies.  Include your specific marketing strategies to truly engage the community that you are targeting. Be sure to include the four Ps of the marketing mix and explain each. 
    10. Timeline for Implementation.  Show a specific timeline whether it is a simple timeline, a Gantt chart or critical path method for your implementation plan. Is it a six month, a school year, or a 1 year intervention?  Also, think about when it will start e.g. the beginning of the school year, the beginning of the calendar year, etc. You must show the timeline graphically to get credit. Show your specific goals and your more important SMART objectives on this timeline.
    11. Evaluation of Program.  Include how you will evaluate your program.  Include how you will do any formative evaluation e.g. pilot testing, how will you do your summative evaluation (how will you evaluate true success/failure).  Include a description of how you will conduct process, impact, and outcome evaluation. Describe how much internal and/or external validity is realistic in your program.  Since you have worked very hard on this program, detail how it will be sustained.
    12. Personal Reflection.  Include a couple of paragraphs for your own reflection of the program you just put together.  Tell why you chose this particular issue for your program and include your thoughts about a preventive program plan, future applications of program development in your career, and the application of the concepts you have learned in your health courses that have prepared you for this project.
    13. References.  In APA format. You must have at least 10 citable references.

    Links to help choose a topic:

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