Health Information Technology

    Please select a relatively new and innovative form of Health Information Technology (HIT) utilized in health care today and develop a comprehensive literature review and evaluation of it utilizing the attached guidelines as described in the course syllabus. I have also included a number of possible topics for your consideration. Prior to conducting this exercise please submit your selected topic for review by your course instructor. This step helps to ensure that your topic selection can fulfill the assignment requirements. The use of tables, graphs and illustrations are required in this project! Your assignment must be typed (double-spaced). References must be properly documented using APA format. Resources for this comprehensive literature review paper should include at least five (5) sources and (3) three of these must be from an academic peer-reviewed journal. Many of these journals are available on-line through the YSU Library. You will find the research databases helpful for locating suitable sources. The search feature in the research data base is often useful for this assignment. Please see the scoring sheet as noted in the course syllabus for details on how this assignment will be evaluated. This individual assignment constitutes a significant portion of your overall course grade, so please ensure that you allocate the necessary time, energy and research required for comprehensive technology evaluation. As you develop this paper~be cognizant of the fact that this semester-long project is worth 125-points. As such, please plan on the submission of a 6-8 page paper excluding title page and reference page.  Please also feel free to submit a draft to your course instructor during your project development for feedback and commentary.

    Health Information Technology (HIT) Project and Literature Review (Individual Assignment)
    The integration of health information technologies (HIT) into health care operations includes a variety of electronic methods that are used to better manage information about people’s health and health care, for both individual patients, groups of patients and employees. The use of health-related IT also seeks to improve the overall quality of medical care and medical care delivery making health care more cost-effective. Examples of such technological initiatives in the health care sector include (but are not limited to):
    Computerized (electronic) Disease Registries (CDR)
    Computerized Provider Order Entry Systems
    Consumer Health Information Technology (HIT) communication applications (ex;CCF “My Chart”)
    Computerized Decision Support Tools (CDS)
    Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMR)
    Electronic Prescribing and Prescription Record-keeping
    Electronic Medical Coding and Billing  (current practices and future applications)
    Telemedicine (Concepts and Processes)
    HIT/HIM  Research and future opportunities and/or applications
    Health information technologies makes it possible for health care providers (physicians, managers, supervisors and clinicians) to better manage patient care through the secure use and sharing of private health information (PHI). By developing secure and private electronic health records for most US citizens and making private and confidential health information readily available electronically when and where it is needed. This comprehensive semester-long project assignment is due no later than Thursday evening 4/30/20 @ 23:59 hrs.  Looking forward to reviewing everyone’s well-researched and highly informative HIT/HIM project. Regards John (jk)

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