Wow!  Think of all the changes in our world related to technology!  I remember as a child what a big deal it was when color televisions came out!  Never did I dream of an invention such as cell phones and the ability to text.  As a child, I remember watching a cartoon The Jetsons on television.  It was a sci-fi cartoon and they had phones with cameras and you could see the person you were talking to like a television!    I remember my brother and I talking about how cool this would be!  Today, I do this with my iPhone!    What technological advances will occur in your lifetime?  What advances will occur in nursing practice?

    In this module, you will study technological advances in nursing and possibilities for the future.  What is your nursing sci-fi idea that could become reality in the future?

    Overall Topics

    The Nurse as a Knowledge Worker
    Future of Nursing Informatics
    21st Century Nursing

    Module Objectives

    After active participation in this learning module, the learner will:

    Explore the concepts of nurses as knowledge workers.
    Describe the goal of nursing informatics.
    Describe how clinical information technologies are impacting and will impact nursing practice.
    Explore the need for consistent terminology in nursing.
    Describe the importance of preventing and investigating patient safety related to health information technology.

    Learning Assignments

    4th ed: McGonigle & Mastrian, pp 117-124, Ch 7 or 3rd ed:  McGonigle & Mastrian, Ch 7-8

    Read:  Joint Commission.  (2015).  Sentinel Event Alert:  Safe use of health information technology at
    Items Due


    NIH Information Security Awareness at

    Complete the course!  Enter using the public access portal.

    After completing the assigned readings, answer the following questions:

    Explain a Healthcare Policy that relates to Nursing Informatics.  Tell the just of the Healthcare Policy and what the contribution of the policy has for Nursing Informatics.

    There is a strong link between informatics and evidence-based practice.  Describe one way (one paragraph) that informatics is used in evidence-based practice.

    Each student is expected to read all the initial weekly discussion posts, contribute one initial response discussion post weekly, and contribute participation discussion responses to at least two other students posts.


    The initial posting must include at least two APA citations and references.

    The participation postings to peers must be substantial and may include a story about a related experience, a probing question, or point(s) with citations and references from the literature.

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