health economics

    All discussion board posts have to be based on evidence from peer-reviewed articles, reports, data from agencies (such as CDC, NIH, AHRQ, NCQA, CMS and others), or the textbook.

    You must demonstrate that you have read and understood concepts even when providing a position, point of view or opinion based on critically reviewing evidence.

    <> Discussion Board #3

    Please read, posted within your Blackboard folder for additional readings in week 11, the article: Nudge Units to Improve the Delivery of Health Care, and follow the instructions below: 

    By Thursday, in a post of approximately 400 words, answer the following prompt.

    * Provide a brief synthesis of what the article is about, and two to three implications to the context of incentives and nudges to a key area of interest for you in health care (e.g., hospital administration, public health, health care analytics, quality and performance, health insurance).

    * In your post, consider incentives and nudges and describe key areas of challenges and opportunities in the current health care landscape

    * In your post, describe why and how nudge units can be helpful in aligning incentives within and across health care delivery 

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