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    he SBAR is a effective when communicating between healthcare professionals because it paints a clear picture of the situation in question, and it can provide an angle for solutions to deal with health and staff quandaries. Due to the complexity of the healthcare industry, it raises a possibility of mistakes while resolving issues and procuring positive outcomes in situations. Whenever situations come about and they are deemed eminent, there must be a clear understanding to what is taking place as The PRO-CARE GROUP would say Without a common understanding there is a risk that the basis for healthcare professionals to make correct assessments and appropriate decisions is lacking. (Blom, Peterson, Hagell, & Westergren, 2015, pp. 530)

    Organized communication in healthcare management, will benefit mostly in fraudulent claims, or claims of abuse. When patterns deviate from the norm whether in small or big departments, it involves a comprehensive investigation that encompasses a lot of detail. This detail must be accurate and substantial. If. Or it can lead to lawsuits, especially if the employee is part of the union. SBAR provides details that management will be privy to, and assist on making vast and accurate decisions.


    Blom, L., Peterson P., Hagell, P., & Westergren, A. (2015). The Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation (SBAR) Model for Communication between Health Care Professionals: A Clinical Intervention Pilot Study. International Journal of Caring Sciences. 8(3). Pp. 530-535. Retrieved from

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