Consider yourself a member of an interdisciplinary team formed to facilitate the development of a telehealth program at a local hospital. Work in small groups to research current guides, obstacles, and best practices related to the four components of the B.E.L.T. framework. Reliable and current information can be found online at the Telehealth Resource Centers ( (Links to an external site.)) and the American Telemedicine Association ( (Links to an external site.)).

    Once you are assigned to a group by your instructor, you will have until Week 8 to work collectively on creating a group presentation.

    Create a 15 to- 20 Slide Presentation (i only have 4 slides)

    Prepare a slide presentation to share with members at your local hospital. This should cover the following elements:

    A brief overview of the B.E.L.T framework
    Current research in telehealth
    Best practices in telehealth
    Obstacles in telehealth
    Make sure that you properly cite any resources used and include a reference slide. (not included in the 20).

    Add Presenter’s Notes

    Include talking points and details in the notes area for each slide. These notes should document what you would say to an audience about each slide as if you were to present in-person.

    As you prepare your presentation, you should follow these guidelines:

    Use clear, concise, and complete sentences
    Use relevant examples to help explain concepts
    Use language intended for a listener as opposed to a reader
    Ensure your presentation is cohesive, that it “flows”

    I have to do 2 slides on benefits and 2 slides on cons. no specific technology.

    The book is attached. use only scholarly sources they must have DOI’s

    you can only have up to 4 bullet points per slide

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