Hazard and Risk Assessment Final Paper

    As the person responsible for your companies environmental, safety AND health program, it is essential that you conduct a thorough and effective hazard and risk assessment to identify what written programs you need to create, what training to develop, what controls in put into place, what personal protective equipment to purchase, etc.  For this exercise, I am assuming you already have the environmental side under control and that you have been assigned the duties of health and safety manager on top of your environmental position. 
    Part 1:  Your task is to create a comprehensive safety and health hazard and risk assessment process.  This process needs to include all tools, tasks, chemicals, and conditions that workers might encounter.  You need to create an overlaying document describing the process and a method to organize, qualify, and quantify the risks your workers might be exposed to.  This should include physical and chemicals hazards, compliance and other liability risks, evaluation methods, and control mechanisms.
    Select one option, research the typical types of safety and health risks associated with that industry (to include common OSHA citations, injuries, & the tools and chemicals used. 
    Option 1:  Small manufacturing plant with assembly line processes. C&C machines, metal cutting/drilling options with cutting fluids, impact wrench use on metal containers, powder coating operations, and a chrome plating operation. 
    Option 2: You have been hired by a painting and coating company. They install industrial coating in a variety of environments including pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and general construction.  The workers are required to cut/weld/grind metal, apply a variety of chemical coatings (including coatings containing benzene and isocyanates), and perform painting operations. 
    Your work shall include your evaluation program/process, assessment tracking form (spreadsheet or other organized means), and recommendations (as an additional attachment) that you will present to management with your documented recommendations.  Assume you will provide this document to management.
    Part 2: Assume your management team is not located in your office. Your goal is to demonstrate to your management team the process you developed for hazard and risk assessment (what, why, and how), the findings, and your recommendations for how the company needs to move forward.  Consider in your communication different styles of managers.  Some will be influenced directly by OSHA standard requirements, some with potential outcomes of non-compliance from a financial and reputational standpoint, and some from the people side of the hazards and risks. Use statements, facts, and arguments to convince all types of management styles.

    For referencing use :The Turabian Manual for Writers is the official writing manual at University College; all references and in-text citations in written assignments must follow the Turabian Author-Date Style guidelines outlined in Chapters 18 and 19 of the text.

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