Hasanlu Lovers


    Imagine that you are a bioarchaeologist excavating the site of Hansanlu Tepe in Iran. It is your job to inventory, analyze, and interpret these skeletons. Do not copy the inventory of the actual skeletons. Use your imagination.

    Do an individual profile. What is the sex and age of the individuals? What elements of the skeleton did you use to determine sex and age?

    Do an individual analysis of trauma, arthritis, and infectious disease. Again, describe what you would see on the skeleton. Use the correct bone names, what changes are seen in the skeletons, paleopathology terminology, and description of the lesions.

    Discuss the identity of these individuals? What would be their socioeconomic background? What can you say about their occupations? What are their possible relationship to each other? How did they die? Was their death a part of a larger occurrence in history? How do you prove these conclusions? Use the techniques and methodologies you have learned in class to discuss how you would test your hypotheses?

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