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    Use the provided resources

    – adheres to the MLA style guide in formatting (especially CITATION and headings), and includes an original and creative title.

    – avoids “taking sides” in a pre-existing argument, and instead focuses on presenting information as it was found. Statements remain within the fact and opinion genres, NOT prejudice or belief.
    – properly introduces each source of evidence, explains it for the reader, and puts it into context with other sources.
    – contains at least one synthesis paragraph in which at least two sources are quoted directly.
    – demonstrates the writer’s awareness of her or his place in the conversation they are joining, including using first-person pronouns when necessary. This paper shows respect for its sources while expressing the writer’s subjectivity.
    – uses evidence and logic, and keeps emotion in proportion. The paper does NOT attempt to persuade the reader toward one side or another, and the conclusion’s persuasive techniques focus on the reader’s understanding and interest, rather than policy or individual lifestyle choices.
    – meets the word count requirements (1500 words), and without padding. Each sentence and paragraph have a unique point.
    – avoids repetitive sentence patterns (passive voice, etc.), sentence errors, spelling problems, typographical errors, or using “this” and “that” as pronouns. Pronouns have clear antecedents.
    – follows the appropriate in-text citation patterns consistently, either within the prose (better) or parenthetically (adequate). Each paragraph clearly delineates between the writer’s ideas and their source’s ideas.
    – paper begins with an appropriately restrictive introduction. Within the first page, the paper includes a thesis and roadmap.
    – Signposts appear periodically (at least once per page).

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