Good Morning Professor Durish and Professor Arszulowica and Class,
    Now here we are Week 8. Time is flying. I hope everyone is being safe and having a good weekend.
    1. What is your view of Globalization? Don’t just offer the pros and cons, which are important. I want your own viewpoints regarding this topic as well.
    – In this week’s discussion, we discuss what Globalization is. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Globalization is the economy. The reason I say the economy because everyone in this world always talks economy and there are always debates on the economy itself. Every single news channel there is always talking about how the economy could be raised and how it is getting hit. Like right now, the economy is down due to the coronavirus and always companies/businesses/banks/airlines and cruises are taking the biggest hit ever. I really see Globalization as a conflict to the world to be honest, because I personally feel that Globalization has a lot to deal with cultural diffusion. When I say cultural diffusion I feel like Globalization is one of the major things to cultural diffusion because this world always has conflicts with every country and its market itself I feel like. According to Stanford, “Globalization is a politically-contested phenomenon about which there are significant disagreements and struggles, with a growing number of nationalist and populist movements and leaders worldwide (including Turkeys Recep Erdoan, Polands Jaroslaw Kacyzki, Hungarys Viktor Orbn, and US President Donald Trump) pushing back against what they view as its unappealing features”(Scheuerman, 2018). As a result, Globalization is known to have struggles in the economy and many disagreements movements throughout countries. There are many movements through certain countries when doing an exchange in marketing and worldwide itself. When talking worldwide it normally talks about Globalization as itself and how the world changes in an economy and a business itself.
    2. How do you see your company in the global market? Are they global? What is the ethnic makeup of associates? Where do the supplies and office equipment originate? Where are they shipped? To whom are services rendered?
    – Great question Professor Durish! After reviewing this week’s lecture and required resources I see that the Global market has many different ways of being handled and how it could be controlled. When discussing the Global Market in Northfield Bank where I am currently doing my internship I must say I could see Northfield going far because they have recently brought out another bank and they are starting to do Zelle where you could send someone money if they need it. Northfield Bank is not global right now, only serving New York and New Jersey at the moment. All the ethnic of associates and supplies and office equipment are all located in Woodbridge, NJ where headquarters is and that is where many meetings get taken place. Everything gets shipped to Woodbridge, NJ, and that where things go in and out of. However, yes there could be many effects on the banking floor due to Globalization because of economy and marketing. According to the effects of the workforce, “The wave of economic liberalization that has underpinned this globalization of the world economy reflects a radical change in attitudes towards economic policy. In democratic societies this clearly represents a voluntary shift in political attitudes. But whether democratic or not, ruling regimes across the world, with only a few exceptions, have embraced the view that freer trade, investment and financial flows will be the most effective means for ensuring material prosperity”(Scheuerman, 2018). This website will discuss how Globalization could have an effect on the workplace if there is a problem that cannot be resolved. For example, there could be financial and investment issues in banking or with any company due to the effects and a possible political change which is very true. Banking, however, does deal with certain issues like this and it could take a while to recover and get fixed due to global marketing.
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