Globalization technology advancement

    Hello, you wrote a rough draft for me last and the final paper is due this week. I can send everything you wrote it just has to be extended.  I need 8 sources and 10 pages

    This prompt is the last for the semester. This prompt is to remind you about the general structure for the final draft. The final draft of your study is to be between ten to fifteen pages, it is to have one-inch margins, the font is to be either Times Roman or Times New Roman, 12-point font, and is to be double-spaced.


    At the very minimum your paper is to have eight references or more. There is to be a works cited page for all your sources used in your study. Refer to Purdue OWL on the proper styling and formatting for the works cited page (ASA, APA, or MLA). Depending on what style you select, be sure to be consistent! For example, if you use ASA as the in text citation, then use how ASA structures bibliographic references.

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