Global Warming / book review

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    you will craft a comprehensive, thoughtful and detailed book review of Paul Hawken’s Drawdown, which includes 100 workable solutions already underway to solve global warming and mitigate climate change. Your review will include the equivalent of 2-3 paper pages of text with photos, videos and/or GIFs to illustrate your key points.

    Include answers to these key questions in your review

    1. Who is Paul Hawken? Why is his voice important? What is his perspective on global warming and climate change and how does it differ from what you’ve been reading in the mainstream news?

    2. How does Drawdown move beyond its pages to implement its ideas? Provide several examples.

    3. Choose one of the Top Twenty solutions from the graphic below and connect it to a project underway in the world. Choose a celebrity who has aligned with this or a similar project and is promoting it. Discuss their unique strategy and impact. How effective is this project? Have you participated in, worked for, or volunteered at a similar project? If you have original photos to include, please do so.

    4. What is the Project Drawdown fellowship program? Choose one of the Fellows from the Project Drawdown (Links to an external site.) website and write a brief profile about them and their work. Provide a TedTalk or other video featuring them if available. Do you believe their project is scalable and can have a global impact? If so, how does it align with one of the 100 solutions in the book?

    5. Research a key review of Drawdown from The New York Times or other publications online, find a quote that aligns with or departs from your view of the book and explain why.

    6. Which solution found in the book surprised you the most? (Choose one that is not on the Top Twenty list)

    7. How will you implement one or more of these 100 solutions into your own life?

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