Global Leadership Paper

    This is an intensive paper that requires you to compare and contrast business practices across three global corporations and analyze the overall effectiveness of the varied approaches. You may choose corporations that operate in the same or different business lines. For example, you may choose three corporations from the high tech industry; or you might choose an oil company, a retailer, and an auto manufacture.

    Research the cross-cultural methodologies utilized by your three corporations focusing on any 1-2 of the following:
        Social paradigms
        Political frameworks
        Economics/Finance issues
        Legal Issues
        The Development of Intercultural Intelligence
        The extent to which technologies influence the implementation of the cross-cultural efforts.

    The following guidelines must be met:
        The final paper should be 10-12 pages in length.
        Include at least 10 references.
        APA 7 compliance is required.
        Please review and keep in mind the rubric for grading this paper.

    The rubric is  uploaded.

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