Ggrab assignment2

    Based on the questions posed in your Research Report Proposal, the Annotated bibliography should include a summary of the main points and conclusions made by the author(s) of at least 10 of the most relevant books, reports or journal articles (see recommended journals in section 7.5 of the syllabus) on your topic. Annotations of media and internet sources may be included, but should be in addition to the minimum of 10. Full bibliographic details for each reference must be supplied. Bibliographies should be listed with Authors names in alphabetical order.

    There is no need at this stage to set out the main arguments you will present in your final report. Just collect and summarise the most relevant literature. What is already known about the topic? What are the different points of view? Are there conflicts of interpretation? Your annotated bibliography should be less than 1,400 words can refer to the order#179573999

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