gestational diabetes

    The Training Modules are as follows:
    Training Module 1: Diabetes in Pregnancy: preconception and Interconception Care
    Training Module 2: Diabetes & Pregnancy Value of Psychosocial Health
    Training Module 3: Exercise and Breastfeeding
    Training Module 4: Management of Pre-existing Diabetes and Pregnancy
    Training Module 5: Diagnosis & Initial Management of Gestational Diabetes
    Training Module 6: Treatment of Gestational Diabetes
    Training Module 7: Postpartum Care & Testing Following Gestational Diabetes
    Training Module 8: Maternal Weight, Obesity and Diabetes in Pregnancy

    Write a Reflection Paper to briefly summarize what they learned in each of the 8 modules.  The Reflection Paper is to be professionally written, using 12 Font, double-spaced, title for each module, page numbers, and proofread for grammar and spelling. 

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