Geriatric Windshield Survey Paper

    ** From the point of view of an older adult, use the information you gathered in step 1 Geriatric Windshield Survey Table to evaluate your neighborhood in terms of how adequately it will meet your present and anticipated future needs. Write a paper on this using APA format. You may use either sixth or seventh edition APA.

    ** Three current academic references (within the past five years) in addition to the references they use to document characteristics about their neighborhood.

    ** Criterion Fully met
    Paper double spaced, in required length and in correct APA format
    At least three current & professional references are used
    Evaluation of neighborhood is pertinent and realistic
    Writing reflects understanding of the older adults viewpoint
    Geriatric Windshield Survey Table attached to final paper
    Spelling, usage, and grammar
    Citations and references are done properly according to APA standards

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