geriatric patients

    The Patient Education Powerpoint is worth 20% of your grade. You will need to decide on a topic (related to geriatric patients) that interests you and create a patient education powerpoint that can be shown to patients to educate them on that particular issue.

    Purpose: The purpose of this project is to expand your knowledge on a topic of your choice and create a patient education power point that can be presented at any town hall meeting.

    Content: You will select a topic and complete a search for information related to the topic. You will than develop a scholarly power point (no more than 15 slides) that will be presented to the class. Include information that you think your patient or town hall meeting would want to know, such as disease process, risk factors, treatment/intervention, etc. This powerpoint must have your voice in audio as you present the information.  Rule of thumb is one minute per powerpoint slide when presenting information. Please keep your presentation at 15 minutes or less.

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