geoflick on natural disaster

    Geoflicks are regular theatrical movies that are focused on geologic events, usually some type of disaster.  Some examples are: 2012, Volcano, Dantes Peak, The Core, and Jurassic Park.  This is a web page with a few more ideas: .  Id prefer you select a move that deals with some kind of geohazards like an earthquake, tsunami, or volcano. The SciFi channel has tons of really good (bad) geoflicks, and you could probably write a novel on one of those.  Most geoflicks take great liberties with the basic science that forms the basis for the plot.  What I hope to see from this assignment is that youve learned enough to recognize where these movies drift from reality and move towards fiction.  This is where you get to show me that you can apply what youve learned in this class.  I also hope this will give you some self-confidence in your understanding of this subject.

    Reviews should consist of between 750 and 1000 words.  Reviews will be submitted via the “Assignment” section (formally Dropbox) of BlazeVIEW.  Read the movie review guidelines that are posted in the “Class Documents” section of the “Content” area of BlazeVIEW.  Late reviews will be docked 10 points.

    All movie reviews must include the following information at the top of the review:

    1. The name of the film (geoflick)
    2. Medium used to view the film (History Channel, DVD rental, Netflix, YouTube…)
    3. Approximate length of film
    4. Classmates who watched with you (this is absolutely OK, feel free to organize viewing parties)
    5. Your star ranking for the film (out of a total possible 5 stars)

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