gentrification/ Geography of Toronto

    This paper is 50 % of my grade and I really care about its grade. It is my last year, and I always get As and I have 3 other exams this week. I need to get At least an 85 , preferably in 90s please since I am trying to graduate with an A GPA and it is one of my last 2 courses.

    As long as this paper is well written and has high quality, all the relevant information I should be able to get a good grade in this course.

    I would really appreciate it if you can please ensure that it is a high-quality paper and it follows all the instructions. Also, please use as much as articles ( scholar and others) as you can, more than the minimum mentioned so that the paper has different perspectives and is based on a comprehensive knowledge of the concept.

    And of course plagiarism-free, please!

    And its important to please have proper in-text citations, and like provide it for every paragraph / any idea you use please/like required

    Thank you

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