Genre Analysis

    Overview In this essay, you will apply the critical reading and writing strategies discussed in class and demonstrate the value of a contextual approach when examinng the impact of one of our class authors, A genre is a form of communication such as a book, an article  , a blog post or a pub c talk When we conduct a genre analysis, then we are looking at the forms of two dfferent texts within or across discourse communities.  The purposes of this assignment are to help you understand the importance of genre and audience to writers Additionally, ths assignment will reinforce your understanding of the ways writing difers among genres and alow you to strengthen your skills in wting in the genre of a textual analysis.  To begin, yoU will select one author from our class you will wart to make sure that the author has a) published at least one academic, peer-reviewed article, and b) made at least one public media appearance (such as a TED talk  television appearance, or other form of visual communication Next you will want to do some background research on the author by browsing their Wikapedia pagesiand or personal web sites Once you have selected your author and outside sources, send me links via e-mail so that can  checkifor the appropnateness of sources Once you have selected your author, the fo owing his suggestion of how you m ght approach your genre analysis. There are certainly other ways to approach the assignment and you should not answer all of the following questions in order-they  are simply here to get you started in your analysis.

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