Each slide should be self-explanatory and have minimal words. Be sure to include a minimum of 50 words in the Presenters Note Page that describes the content of the slide (the title and literature cited slides are omitted from this requirement).
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    Figures are important. Utilize Googles Image search to find relevant figures for your presentation. However, be sure to evaluate the quality (both for aesthetics and accuracy) and cite the source of the figure.

    Required Slides (each slide listed may need to be expanded to multiple slides to accommodate a thorough coverage of the content requested).

    Title Slide (1 slide)
    Transcription Overview (1-2 slides)
    RNA polymerases (1-2 slides)
    RNA synthesis (1-2 slides)
    Post-Transcriptional modifications: Splicing, 5 Cap, Poly-A Tail (3-5 slides)
    Translation Overview (1-2 slides)
    Structure of the Ribosome (1-2 slides)
    Translation Initiation (1-2 slides)
    Translation Elongation (1-2 slides)
    Translation Termination (1-2 slides)
    References (1 slide)

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