Gender Role Analysis

    Gender Role Analysis

    Consider the following questions on the role of gender in education, public policy, and the workplace:

    • How is gender shaped by education? Consider the instructional materials used in education, classroom interactions, and communication.
    • Examine the government, its laws, and its policies. What are the gender norms in these areas? Explain by using specific examples.
    • Analyze the role of gender in the workplace. What are some differences between men and women in the workplace? How do these roles differ from the past? Do you think the current role of gender in the workplace is reasonable? Explain why or why not.

    Write an analysis of approximately 500 words for each topic–education, public policy, and the workplace–in which you do the following:

    • Respond to the questions for that topic.
    • Include a scenario or story to illustrate your thoughts.

    Include three to five references.

    Format your analysis consistent with APA guidelines.


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