Gender – Family structure

    Theological Position Paper – for students who have been assigned the topic Gender Roles/ Family structure
    Each student will also write a minimum 1800 word paper that thoroughly explains his or her theological position regarding the particular contemporary cultural issue addressed.  This paper should be an expansion of the students theological position articulated during ones presentation and include at least 5 additional scholarly sources than those connected the course pack or texts used in this course. Sources for your theological position paper, must be documented using the Turabian/Chicago Manual of Style and include a bibliography. Any theological position paper that does not follow proper formatting guidelines will automatically receive a 10% deduction. As the primary research element of this class, students will be expected to invest significant time in developing a position through research and thoughtfully supporting that position using the various elements of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral. Further details regarding the scope of research and the content of these papers will be discussed in weeks 7 and 8.

    These papers will be graded as follows:

    Articulated a Well-Reasoned Theological Position Regarding the Contemporary Cultural Issue

    20 points

    Theological Position Clearly and Reasonably Supported by the Various Elements of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral

    20 points

    Integration of 5 Quality Scholarly Resources to Support Personal Position as Cited in Bibliography (in addition to course pack or text).

    15 points

    Structure and Organization of Argument Made

    10 points

    Overall Quality of Writing (Punctuation, Grammar, Spelling, Bibliography, )

    10 points

    Total Points

    75 points

    In addition, your paper must be properly formatted, double-spaced, and cannot exceed a maximum of 2500 words.  (Please be advised that each Contemporary Issues Theological Position Paper not adhering to these stated expectations and formatting guidelines outlined in the Written Assignments section of the syllabus below will receive an automatic 10% deduction).  No late Contemporary Issues Theological Position Paper will be accepted.  Please consult the Written Assignments portion of this syllabus under Class Policies for more important details.

    On the date your topic is due, each student must do the following to complete their submission requirements in Canvas:

    Under the Assignments tab, upload your Theological Position paper

    Writing you Personal Position Paper
    Goal is to develop your position
    Your paper should answer the question, what
    is a mature Christian response to X? In
    general your Poster Presentation should
    answer more directly your focus question
    This is a research paper you need to have at
    least five scholarly sources
    Writing you Personal Position Paper
    Start with Scripture and use concordance or on
    line Bible site with a search engine.
    Read the course pack reading in conjunction
    with your topic to stimulate your scriptural
    Organize your Scriptural findings on the topic
    into categories
    Run each of the categorizes of thought
    through the other components of the
    quadrilateral to potentially develop and refine
    your hypothesis
    Writing you Personal Position Paper
    Gather you evidence and draw a conclusion check you math is this conclusion scriptural in a
    way that reflects accurate input from the other
    sources of truth
    This conclusion becomes your thesis and should be
    expressed in one sentence or so
    Present your thesis in the first paragraph – lob the pitch
    to yourself
    Body of the paper is how the sources of truth, starting
    with scripture support/develop this position remember the baseball diamond: Scripture, Tradition,
    Reason, Experience
    Writing you Personal Position Paper
    Your conclusion is the place to mention (if your
    going to) how the process shaped/or developed as
    you employed it
    Your paper therefor should not read like a discovery
    journaland then.and then this is not necessary
    Cite using Chicago/Turabian style
    Proof well
    Assume the Quad. Dont teach/tell me about it
    Writing Your Theological Position
    Re read your assignment and grading rubric to
    see if you in fact fulfilled the assignment well
    Bring a hard copy to class the day you present
    Submit it to before you turn your
    paper in

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