Type a one page essay on gender, material from Chapter 3 in Allen’s book, Difference Matters, the video from last week and the powerpoint on gender. The goal with this is to increase awareness and sensitivity of gender matters. For example, 5 years ago when I worked in Salem, Oregon my duties sometimes took me to a specialty automotive shop. Prominently displayed on the wall were images and calendars of scantily clad women. Another instance was when my sister and her husband were having a house built in Colorado (where we lived at the time) and the contractor would not speak to or address concerns from my sister. Since her husband was busy, I usually had to intervene and resolve the issues on their behalf. Many of you are aware of pay issues and promotion issues because of gender. Recent divisive issues in our society revolve around the acceptance or role of LBGQT persons in schools, churches, boy scouts, etc.

    As you write, focus on observations that you have and also questions 7 and 8 from page 63. I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers, they do act differently. How can we tie that into these questions?

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