GDP Economic Growth

    Throughout the term, we have considered regression models of GDP growth based on the provided OECD data set.  For Projects 1, I provided a base model of GDP growth to be estimated with the GRETL software.  Project 2 asked you to assemble an annotated bibliography, and this information can be used to write a brief literature review that describes previously published work related to your GDP growth model. Finally, your goal in Project 3 was to revise the GDP growth model in order to improve the model fit.  Please assemble the complete project paper, including any recent modifications to your model or results since Project 3.  The paper components should be assembled under APA format and ordered as:

    Title page
    Introduction (a few paragraphs that describe the purpose of the paper)
    Literature Review (a written summary of findings from your outside references)
    Model Estimation Results (discussion of the GRETL results for your GDP growth models)
    Conclusions (summary of what you learned about GDP growth)
    References (list of citations)
    Tables and Figures (GRETL output for the models discussed in the estimation results section)
    The key task here is to build a paper that presents a clear and concise story about your GDP growth results.

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