future energy solutions

    Discuss future energy solutions for our globalizing world (1,000 to 1,200 words)

    In this course, we have discussed the contrasting positions on the question of sustainable energy solutions for the global world community. Among other themes, we highlighted how varied political, economic, and environmental interests have contributed to a complex policymaking in the energy sector. Guided by the course materials, particularly Michael Moores documentary Planet of the Humans, Michael Shellenbergers TED-Talk why renewables cant save the planet, and Real Engineering video Is 100% renewable possible by 2050? Interconnections, discuss future energy solutions for our globalizing world. These reference materials are listed in the live link to resources filePreview the document in the course site in Quercus. Additionally, you are encouraged to refer to other published materials discussed in the course and others you referenced in assignment 3. 

    Without limiting originality of thought, your essay should have the following sections:

    Cover page (use page 1 of instructions file in the assignment folder)
    Main body (discussion)
    Reference list
    The rubric for this essay covers the above listed items. Thus, it is important to adequately write on them.

    Writing style and formatting issues

    This is neither an op-ed nor a policy brief. Writing to fit a general readership. Writing should be in formal language and avoid using jargons and technical terms.
    Use readable font style and leave your work in 12-point font size with at least 1.5 line spacing.
    Your essay should cite at least 8 publications from reputable sources. Citations from Wikipedia will not be accepted.
    The citation can be in any style but should be consistent throughout the essay and in the reference list.
    You are reminded that the work should be 1,000 to 1,200 words in length including references, in-text citation, and footnotes.

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