Fundamentals of teaching and learning

    Two tasks on brain-based learning  Attachment

    Task 1: Go back to video, if needed, to revisit the concept of relaxed alertness. Please study the pictures attached in the word document below and discuss the one best representing this concept. In other words, which picture best represents a student in a classroom that is relaxed and alert? Why? Discuss a class that exemplifies such a classroom environment and some strategies teachers can use to create such a brain friendly environment.

    Task 2: Discuss the fight, flight, freeze modes students may be in inside the class by referring to your experiences and/or observation for at least one of these modes. Describe teacher and student behavior. What could have the teacher done better to prevent students entering these modes?

    Finally write 2 sentences as a response to the screenshot of the students work below! You can also use the screenshot to understand the structure of this assignment as it is the same assignment however another students work.

    overall should be 650 words not less

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