Functional Level Strategic Planning

    This assignment  is about UT Southwestern Medical Center Pediatrics

    Unit 1
    ULO 1: Define and differentiate between strategic management, strategic thinking, strategic planning, and strategic momentum. (CLO1)

    ULO 2: Determine the service categories associated with healthcare entities. (CLO5)

    ULO 3: Understand the importance of a systems approach to strategic planning. (CLO5)

    Unit 2
    ULO 1: Conduct a demographic analysis and interpret the underlying drivers contributing to the trends within the data. (CLO3 and CLO4)

    ULO 2: Conduct a service area structural analysis for a healthcare entity. (CLO3 and CLO4)

    Unit 3
    ULO 1: Identify competitors, and then analyze their strengths and weaknesses. (CLO3 and CLO4)

    ULO 2: Synthesize general environmental and healthcare industry issues with service area and competitor issues and determine strategic implications. (CLO3 and CLO4)

    ULO 3: Analyze the service area for a healthcare entity or specific health service. (CLO4)

    Unit 4
    ULO 1: Describe the important role that an internal analysis has in identifying the basis for sustaining competitive advantage. (CLO3 and CLO4)

    ULO 2: Perform a competitive advantage and internal organizational assessment for a healthcare entity. (CLO3 and CLO4)

    Unit 5
    ULO 2: Evaluate the degree of alignment between the vision, mission, core values, and goals within and between a healthcare organization and the functional level. (CLO2)

    ULO 3: Develop a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis utilizing data gathered during the external and internal environmental analyses. (CLO3 and CLO4)

    ULO 4: Develop well-supported strategic goals which maintain competitive advantage and support a directional strategy. (CLO2 and CLO4)

    Unit 6
    ULO 1: Synthesize and integrate strategic thinking accomplished in situational analysis into a strategic plan for a healthcare entity. (CLO1)

    ULO 2: Demonstrate a practical understanding of hierarchical nature of directional strategies, adaptive strategies, market entry strategies, and competitive strategies. (CLO2) 

    ULO 3: Evaluate strategic decisions and choices through the application of a strategic position and action evaluation (SPACE) matrix or a Boston Control Group (BCG) analysis. (CLO3 and CLO4)

    Unit 7
    ULO 1: Develop a strategic action plan. (CLO5)

    Use scholarly sources from United States and also they need to be references I can look up online
    Heres the Census Bureau link Use APA 7

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