free to choose the topic

    This document will guide you through what you need to do in terms of the research project requirements. So the project itself consists of you finding and analyzing two primary sources related to historical event or topic. That influenced or shaped People or states in the Gulf.

    So this needs to be something that was significant. Historically, and I have some possible Events or topic ideas for you that you can use as it mention in the paper ( there are some topics that I highlighted in yellow in the doc), but you’re welcome also to come up with things that you find in your research that you might want to talk about. So you’re not restricted to these things.You are free to choose the topic if you do not like the options. Okay, you can choose a different historical event or topic which provides web links to the sources that you’re planning to use the topic that you are considering talking about and then presumably after you looked at some of those Sources primary sources online, then you would submit 200 or 300 words summary of, you know, the, the basic findings.

    so first you will fill the doc in page 3 which is the outline. which you fill (An outline of your project which states your topic, provides weblinks to your sources and contains a 200-300 word abstract of your initial findings.)

    then do the draft 1 page only . A draft report containing: i) summary on the historical event, ii) description of primary sources studied, iii) your analysis of the sources, and iv) reflect on how sources portrayed effects of event.

    then, A final report Which is one to two pages long. It’s not significant. This is not an essay, but it does require you to do research. It discusses the primary sources that you have found what they are, where they are coming from the kind of historical issues or problems that might be associated with them.And then your analysis of these sources to reflect on how they affected people in the region. So this needs to be based on your analysis of the sources for specific sources.

    finally, you can use the links (which they are mention in the same doc for 2 primary sources in page 2 in doc) . You must use two primary sources from the following categories
    1)A newspaper article produced during or shortly after the event (in Arabic/English);
    2)    An archival document (such as a government decree, correspondence, report etc.)
    3)    A personal account (such as a diary, travel narrative, interview etc.)
    4)    A first-hand account from an interview with a relative or person who lived through the event you are analyzing.

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