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    There are estimated to be anywhere between 11 and 20 million undocumented aliens in the US. The estimates vary because this population is not easily counted. In addition, enforcing the immigration laws is problematic because there are different views about the seriousness of the problem. The federal government has sole jurisdiction to enforce the immigration laws, but some states intentionally obstruct federal enforcement efforts and label themselves as sanctuary cities. The caravans from Central America continue to be a problem for the Department of Homeland Security. Some consider migration problems to be a crisis while others do not. Since President Trump was elected in 2016 the immigration debate has increased in intensity.

    The forum consists of 3 assignments and will assist you in formulating a final report regarding the immigration debate. The continuum of official responses to the immigration problem range from allowing open borders and full amnesty through strict enforcement of existing immigration laws and the removal of all undocumented aliens from the US and everything in between.

    a.    After conducting some preliminary research provide a brief opinion on the immigration debate. Remember to support your opinion with research and include a bibliography. Submit this report and label as forum A (250 words or 1-2 typewritten pages). 10 pts. Due: 6/15

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    Submit online by the due date listed in the syllabus. Refer to the Rubric for submission guidelines.

    Suggested background information (you may use these as research sources in addition to any others you find).

    Caravans continue to push for U.S. Border

    3,000 Central American migrants crosses into Mexico


    The Illegal Alien Problem

    DHS Inspector General Report (2015)

    The Immigration Paradox

    Illegal Immigrant Acquitted of Killing Kate Steinle

    Watch Video

    Caravans continue to push for U.S. Border

    3,000 Central Americans cross into Mexico

    Benefits of Illegal Immigration

    Undocumented Students and Free Tuition

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