Forum 6 SEM

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    For this forum our focus is on the film Paradise Now.  Begin your post with analyzing the relationship of Said and Khaled in regard to doubt and free will, and secondly explicate how the character of Suha serves as a lever of intervention to these characters and within the film itself.  In this regard, what is the film suggesting about gender dynamics? Further, fully explore the dichotomies of victim/oppressor, collaborator/martyr, and sacrifice/revenge and explain how this film questions the meaning of these terms/ideas and disempowers them.  In this manner, what is this film trying to humanize in its treatment of these themes and how is this suggestive of non-violence?  Lastly, briefly ruminate on how this film allows us to reconsider Grossman’s reflections on language and meaning in regard to individual/group dynamics.   
    My guidelines/questions here are meant to spur your thinking in your writing of an original and thought-provoking post.  There are certainly many points of entry in your reading and interpretation of this film. 

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