fluid and electrolytes

    Case Study

    Ms. Floyd, a 96-year-old woman, has been vomiting for 24 hours and is unable to eat or drink. She arrives on the unit after being admitted for dehydration. Ms. Floyd has a history of constipation and hypertension. She takes Metamucil, hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ), and metoprolol on a daily basis.

    Writing Prompts

    What factors may have predisposed Ms. Floyd to dehydration?
    What types of fluids should be used to treat Mrs. Floyds condition?
    What concerns should the nurse have about the condition of this patient?
    What clinical signs and symptoms would indicate that dehydration has resolved?
    When Mrs. Floyd is being discharged home, with whom would the nurse collaborate to assure that care is continued?

    Submission Guidelines

    Only doc, docx, and odt file types are accepted – PDF files are not accepted.  You may download OpenOffice for free under Pages.


    35.0 pts
    Exceeds Expectations
    Identifies multiple issues in the case, including family conflicts, cultural influences, a minors role in end of life decision making, conflicts within medical team, and a nurses accountability for truth telling.

    20.0 pts
    Exceeds Expectations
    Describes unique viewpoints of all those involved in the case: patient, father, mother, nurse and physician.

    25.0 pts
    Exceeds Expectations
    Arrives at a balanced decision taking into account perspectives of all involved and the theories/principles/codes that guide their actions. Proposed decision deals with the most important and urgent ethical issues and reflects cultural sensitivity.

    10.0 pts
    Exceeds Expectations
    Decision is considered in light of potential positive and negative consequences for the patient, the family, the physician and the nurse. Recognizes anticipatory grieving and need for support through difficult death experience.

    10.0 pts
    Exceeds Expectations
    Student’s responses demonstrate consistent correct use of the rules of grammar usage, punctuation, and spelling.

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