This review will be on a documentary video about flooding that you watch at home. I want your personal opinion of the video. Use the knowledge that you have gained from your studies about hurricanes to construct a reasonable critique (pro or con is fine) of the video. Any documentary is fine as long as it is compatible with the theme of hurricanes and is at least 30 minutes long. Reviews should consist of between 750 and 1000 words. You can watch documentaries on television, Netflix, YouTube, websites, or any other source that you can find. Feel free to be as creative as you like. Reviews will be submitted via the “Assignment” section (formally Dropbox) of BlazeVIEW. Read the movie review guidelines that are posted in the Class Documents section in the Content area in BlazeVIEW. Late reviews will be docked 10 points.

    All movie reviews must include the following information at the top of the review:

    1.  The name of documentary (first 6 reviews)
    2.  Medium used to view film (History Channel, DVD rental, Netflix, YouTube)
    3.  Approximate length of film
    4.  Classmates who watched with you (this is absolutely OK, feel free to organize viewing parties)
    5.  Your star ranking for the film (out of a total possible 5 stars)

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