Fischer esterification: Narrated Powerpoint

    Your goal is to present how you are going to synthesize 15 mmol that ester using Fischer esterification method. Narration audio of PPT no more than 15 min in length.

    Slide 1-Reaction mechanism   
      Write out the full mechanism (with arrows) for the formation of the ester that was assigned (must be handwritten).

          Comment on the quantities of alcohol/acid/catalyst used in the experiment in terms of reaction kinetics and/or thermodynamic reasoning. Discuss the yield of the reaction in the above terms.

    (ask yourself: how would the equilibrium of the esterification reaction change with the addition or removal of H2O/catalyst?)

    Slide 2-5-Yield calculations & Procedure- step by step detailed procedure
    -Show your handwritten yield calculations (picture from lab notebook is fine)
    -Detailed, step-by-step procedures must include

    Setting up reaction:

          Follow table from page 105 format include volumes and masses necessary to obtain 15 mmol of your assigned ester. The carboxylic acid is used in a twofold excess, compared to alcohol.

          What is the role of calcium chloride drying tube?

    Product isolation:

          For the extraction prepare the scheme/flow chart representing the whole process and identifying in which layer the product is at all steps.

          Explain the role of sodium bicarbonate using reaction to support your answer.

          Comment on the role of anhydrous sodium sulfate.

    Product purification:

          Explain how distillation will help you to purify your product.

    Slide 6-Physicochemical properties of the ester & Interesting fact about your product
    -Report appearance, density, scent, b.p. (can google)
    -Report esters particular feature, application

    (Provide literature reference for this feature. No websites, Wikipedia, etc. Only original papers!)

    Where to get the data?

    Chemical databases!  You will find all links here: Chemical Databases

    Where do I find the literature?

    Best place is SciFinder (link in Chemical Databases)

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