first artifact is about attached word document second artifact is about attached PPT

    Write 2 Artifacts with Introduction and Reflection on

    Critical Thinking Competency

    and Submit the original assignment files.

    Please use the Artifacts Template to complete your journal.

    Please write full and thoughtful sentences about an assignment you did which is related to the Critical Thinking competency.

    4-5 sentences should be an introduction, explaining what the assignment was (specifically) and how this assignment relates to the skills of the competency.

    4-5 sentences should be a reflection, explaining what you learned from the assignment, how you might do it differently if you had to do it again, and what advice you might give to another student working on the same assignment.
    This journal entry is worth 2 points for full and thoughtful sentences.

    1 point will be assessed for bringing the original assignment file.

    Please upload 2 files: 1) your original assignment that you are writing about and 2) your new writing about the assignment.

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