Use footnotes, Books, website

    Introduction for each question stating (a) The issue  (b) Discuss  (c) Draw Conclusion
    Select Jurisdiction of your choice- UK preferably.  Compare where appropriate with other Jurisdiction
    Identify sector/ Financial services and regulation within the sector

    1a) Standard Essay – No particular format
    Focus on
    ML vulnerabilities
    Due  Diligence Checks

    1b) Focus on who you are sending it to i.e is it Senior Management and board of directors.
    Points –
    AML training and awareness and make  recommendations for change
    Discussion on responsibilities  of board and senior management in terms of AML
    Risk to the firm if no action is taken.
    Formalistic style of writing
    Heading and sub division in terms of report style format

    1c) Evaluate  – Analyse with examples
            Use FATF report and conclude with      your own words.

    Identify issues
    Define core terms you are dealing with (core concepts)
    Explanation and examples – illustration of principles and law applied including real life cases.
    Application  – most important, how do you apply the law – framework to the situation/case study.

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