Final Paper

    In this final exam You have to perform the following from the documentaries and one of the assessment instruments presented by my classmates( for the assessment instrument I will post all of them because my professor hasn’t told me about which one she is going to ask me about so that way you have an ideas for all of them) so followoing are as follows:
    1.The first will be about the 3 documentaries you watched (both Windermere movies”The Children of Windermere” and “The Windermere Children: In Their Own Words” and the Broken Places as for these docs you might have to purchase them.
    2.The second essay is about trauma and racism— you must be prepared with a supplemental source (article, movie, etc.) regarding impacts of systemic racism to be referenced for your response to this question.Please find an alternative source to what you provided for the class Discussion Board.
    3.The third essay will require you to discuss ONE of the assessment instruments presented by a group in your class which I have attached below as I had stated above.

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