Final Paper

    In any career, it is important to have a personal philosophy that can help you to focus your work, understand why you do what you do, and communicate more effectively with others.  This final paper is a 7-9-page paper describing your personal philosophy of human learning.  The goal for this paper is to develop and communicate your own personal view of learning. Ideally, you would be able to use this as a guide for your future career and developing strategies to better facilitate human learning (in the many forms that takes).  You may utilize any theory/concept that we covered in class (and additional topics with approval) to support this philosophy.

    It is more critical for you to convey how you relate a theory, idea, or topic to your vision/philosophy of learning than in demonstrating how much you know (though that will likely show up if done sufficiently).  In essence, tell me about what you care about, how you believe people learn, and how this will guide your future career goals.

    Formatting: Your paper should include a title page and reference page.  The paper should be in accordance with APA formatting.  Please utilize at least 7 references to support your philosophy.

    Grading: See the rubric for more detail, but your grade will be primarily based on the integration of course material into your philosophy.  You will also be graded on writing clarity, style, and level of adherence to APA formatting.

    Through this paper, the student demonstrates depthful self-reflection on how the theories of human learning fit within their own worldview. This means that they are thinking about how the material applies to their life based on past experiences, intersecting identities, and possible career goals.

    Integration of Course Material
    The student utilizes course material to illustrate points being made regarding the theory. This course material is properly cited and is well-integrated throughout the paper.

    This paper is formatted properly in APA format including a title page, reference page (if <3 references, no need to include references on a separate page), and appropriate headers.

    This paper is well written, using appropriate grammatical structure, has few spelling errors/typos, and forms a cohesive paper.

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