Choose one topic from the course that particularly struck your interest and explain why this was the case. Some possible topics might include the Supreme Court and some of its more important members; significant court decisions; important amendments and their impact; etc., etc. Be sure to provide plenty of relevant details and plenty of analysis. DO NOT SIMPLY TAKE ONE OF YOUR WEEKLY ESSAYS AND REPOST IT! This essay will be held to the same standards as the weekly essays, WITH AN ADDED EMPHASIS ON GRAMMAR.  If you are one of the students who has continually ignored the instructor’s comments regarding spelling, grammar, and the need to italicize court cases, this is your last chance to try to write like a college student.  Also, more is expected, since this is worth 40 points rather than only 20, so do not skimp on the length.  NO ESSAYS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 12 NOON ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11.

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