Film Writing: Fundraising

    You have an idea for an original feature length film and you have estimated a budget of $250,000 to create, develop and produce this film. Based on the lectures and textbook, write a paper (roughly 400 – 750 words) about the fundraising process.

    You will be graded on how detailed and appropriate the fundraising plan. No credit will be given for, “I will get the money from my Mom” and the like. This is not to be treated as an “I can make this film for no money, I’ll get everyone to give me stuff for free, etc.” kind of film. You have been given a budget amount of $250,000 above, so imagine as though you are a professional producer and this is a full length film that will cost real money.

    You don’t get “points” for finding a way to make a movie for nothing (at least not in this assignment – save that for real life where it is an excellent skill to have!). The points here are for showing how you would handle the basics of real money for a real movie. We are looking for specific terms from the lecture and book, particularly the lecture (types of accounts, corporations, PPMs, LLC, 80% rule, “friends & Family”, etc) Show us you listened to that lecture and understand what those things are and how they are used in the process using your fictional film as the example. Use the lecture as a primary source and the textbook to supplement as needed.

    Just to be clear, please remember that this is NOT a “budget” assignment; it is about fundraising – specifically the detailed process of fundraising. It is about the process of how you will acquire the money, protect it, distribute it, legal stuff, etc. While it is a good idea to include some broad numbers about how you are going to spend/budget the money just to put it in context, please don’t give us three pages of detailed budget info, spreadsheets, etc.

    Your finished paper should be roughly 400 – 750 words. As always, remember to use formal language, correct grammar and spelling, and citations for every source including text and lectures.

    Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it!

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