Fight for Womens Rights

    Paper Formatting Instructions:
    You should have the following in the upper left hand (single spaced)
    GST 201
    Midterm Paper
    After the first page, you should have your last name and page number in the upper right header.
    It should have a unique title centered before the introduction. Midterm writing assignment is not a
    unique title.
    The body of the paper should be 12 pt, Times New Roman or Georgia only. One-inch margins. Doublespaced.
    MLA format (use or
    You should have one source on average per page but remember that any idea you take from another
    paper/reading, any factual information, etc. must be sourced as well as any direct quote. A proper
    citation involves an inline citation in the paper and a longer citation in the works cited page.
    Inline citations (Ex. Name/Title, Pg/Yr) and a works cited page are required.
    Only submissions in Word (.doc/.docx) or PDF format will be accepted by Canvas. Pages, RTF, and/or
    Google Docs cannot be uploaded.

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