Feature Reduction From Breast Cancer Dataset With Genetic Algorithm

    “please follow instruction and make sure to update code as well”

    you should answer the following questions in Research paper with all the details.


    1) Follow the  site given above and update code giving on the site and  answer the following.
    #1: What problems you are trying to solve?
    #2: Why are they important?
    #3: What modifications or new work you have done in the code?
        Make sure to provide new work code and details.
        Need at least one new fitness function. 
        Need at least three new crossover  (Make sure to have at least one crossover which is mask (two crossover combine))
    o    Need at least three mutation.

    #4: Your results ( with old and new result)
        Comparison of result with old solutions
        Comparison between two different fitness functions with respective crossover and mutations.
    a) The language/tools/environment you used
    b) The performance results

    2). You need to provide me updated code.

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