Executive Summary

    Create an executive summary containing a community outreach strategy that will improve the quality of life for Veterans with mental health concerns.

    Identify a problem that requires a mental health community outreach strategy for the veteran population.
    -Describe the problem in detail including:
    -Specific health determinants supported with current evidence.
    -Predictions for how those determinants affect the ability of the outreach to be successful.

    Propose a community outreach strategy to the Director of the Veterans Hospital including:
    -Description of the community outreach strategy.
    -Explanation of how the proposed strategy will align and assist with the health determinants.
    -Support for the explanation with current evidence.

    Describe the resources needed to initiate the community outreach strategy including:State your ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.
    -Detailed description of resources needed to initiate the community outreach strategy.
    -Potential impact of the recommended resources to the health determinants.
    -Description of how the health determinants will be overcome to ensure accessibility to the community outreach strategy.

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