Answer the following 2 questions. Your answers must be based on the readings and not on general ideas that you may haveyou must show that you read and analyzed the courses assigned materials. The questions are designed so that you go back and demonstrate what youve learned in the semester. Be specific about the readings and how the authors approach the problems. You may also use, and identify, other sources to buttress your arguments. The exam is due by 11:59 pm Tuesday December 15.
    1. Select three festivals described by Dvila in Sponsored Identities and discuss them in detail. Then, compare what is presented in the festivals with the officially sanctioned view of what is Puerto Rican culture according to the Institute for Puerto Rican Culture (ICP). Be sure to:
    trace and discuss the development of the official sponsored Puerto Rican culture;
    How and why was it structured the way it was?
    What is being represented?
    How the development of a particular national culture was related to
    Operation Serenity.
    What is the history of the Puerto Rican government agencyInstitute of
    Puerto Rica Culture (ICP)in charge with protecting and promoting the
    Discuss how the official view is sponsored by government agencies and
    by museum exhibits.)
    You cannot select as examples for discussion neither the Breadfruit nor Flat-Bottom Boat festivals. You essay should be at least 1000-words long.

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