Events Literature Review Report

    I am an international hotel and events major.
    This is a literature review.
    1500 words or little bit more +10%. Include an abstract/executive summary, not included in text. Please make it very engaging with literature between text. Include a conclusion, intro as its a literature review. I would say I would like to have 15 references minimum.
    *Please note before I select you as a writer you must let me know what topic you are going to write about as I have to forward the topic to my professor ASAP.
    PLEASE see IMG_5839 to see what students who were in the same major chose last term such as mega events etc. I was thinking of doing importance of site planning in events or impact of mega events of tourism around the world. But I have no clue of one that would makes sense that can relate to my career as I need to later relate it to my personal report.

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