Evaluation essay

    1. Carefully read the feedback you have been given by peers, and revise your Evaluation essay accordingly. Because you haven’t yet received feedback from your Instructor/TA on this draft, it is okay to contact your Instructor/TA by email if you are struggling. It is best to ask for help, and your Instructor/TA is prepared to assist you with this assignment. You may want to refer once again to the Evaluation Assignment Prompt (PDF).
    2. Write a short reflection that addresses your revision process. How did the peer feedback you received help you make a plan for revision? What do you think you have done really well in this analysis? What do you feel you would still like help with? What aspects of your writing do you want your Instructor/TA to comment on? (please write the short reflection separately, it just needs a few sentences. You can write it at the end of the essay)

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