evaluate your data

    Using Appendix C (atached) in The Practical Guide to Analytics complete the Evaluate Your Data exercise.
    o Complete Steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    o Turn your work into a paper with each step as its own paragraph or section.
    o You may include the table as suggested in step 4.
    o Make certain you include an introduction and concluding paragraphs.
    o Cite course materials in developing your answer (readings, videos, and discussion boards). You may cite outside the course materials as secondary sources.

    An introductory paragraph of what you are writing about and the importance
    The body of the paper should be broken out by paragraphs and/or sections.
    Each idea or argument you present needs to be supported by research material.
    Research material may include lectures, readings, videos, and outside research.
    A concluding paragraph summarizing your research and your personal thoughts
    In-text Citation and Bibliography (In-text citation is required even if it is course material.)
    format apa 7

    please read the two attachments. Please use direct quotes from these two attachments and cite in text citations in paper. example “……….” (……,……). Please only use 1 outside source. Do not use more than one and again direct quotes only. But the two attached must be used!

    You may include diagrams, charts, tables, etc. in any of the assignments to further explain your point. but again, must be cited!

    5 pages minimum

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